Timber & Hardware

Peachester Timber Company P/L focuses on specifically stocking the materials required by professional builders and renovators.

In this regard, we keep a wide range of trade building supplies, and ensure we are always well-stocked with all the essential building materials.

Peachester Timber Company P/L can supply everything you require for the entire job – and with our fast turn around and knowledgeable service, we can also get you out of those sticky situations where you’ve been left short.


Timber & Wood Products

Peachester Timber Company P/L supplies a wide range of timber and wood products, including:

  • Structural Timber
  • Timber Flooring & Decking
  • Pine: Treated Pine, Radiata Pine
  • Fencing
  • Engineered
  • Sheeting Products
  • Landscaping
  • Finishing & Mouldings

If you are after the best quality hardwood, in your choice of species and size, contact Peachester Timber Company P/L. In conjunction with Peachester Sawmill, we can offer the highest quality sawn hardwood in Queensland. Currently, the species of wood being cut are:

  • Blackbutt
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Red Stringy Bark
  • Tallowwood
  • Others available upon request.

CSR Hebel:

Peachester Timber Company P/L is Brisbane’s Largest CSR Authorised Distributor. We supply CSR Hebel Blocks, and Powerpanel, Powerfloor, and Powerfence systems.Hardware, Building Supplies and Materials

  • Doors: Entry Doors, Internal Doors, Fire Doors
  • Frame Hardware: Nails, Screws, Ramset fixings, Hoop Iron, Cyclone Rods, Nuts/Bolts, Mitek brackets, Dampcourse, Sarking
  • Door Hardware: Lockwood, Gainsborough, Nidus, Delf
  • Sheet products: Ply, Flooring, Fibre Cement, MDF, Melamine
  • Miscellaneous: Silicones, Painting products, Grinding Discs, Landscaping Hardware, Gate Frames, Padbolts, Scotch Tee Hinges, Drop Bolts, Rainwater Pits, Garden Tools


Delivery – In Full, On-Time

We pride ourselves on providing a prompt, efficient, quick turn around – we get your products where you need them, fast. We have our own fleet of crane trucks, body trucks and utilities, so we can usually organise to have your delivery to South East Queensland the same day.

We also have contracts with specialist carrying companies, so it doesnt matter where you are, we can make it happen. Even if it means going the extra mile to fit in your delivery – we make the effort because our customers expect it.