Benefits of Hebel

Hebel® Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) is a lightweight building material that is formed into blocks and panels for a wide range of both load bearing and framed construction applications.

CSR Hebel systems offer you a high level of design flexibility with significant benefits over alternative building materials, including:

  • Superior thermal insulation: 4 times the thermal insulation of concrete for the same thickness.
  • Non-combustible: Excellent fire resistance properties, essential in bushfire-prone areas, or
    safety from internal fires.
  • Solid and Durable: Steel reinforced masonry panels you can rely on.
  • Great Acoustic Insulation: Added peace and privacy especially in multi-residential dwellings, and
    in between stories and rooms in multi story constructions.
  • Aesthetic: available in an infinite combination of colours, textures and rendering finishes to suit
    your individual taste.
  • No Pests: Not a food source for termites or vermin and no cavity construction eliminates the chance
    of harbouring pests.

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The core component of Hebel® panel based systems is the 75mm thick, steel mesh reinforced PowerPanel which is supplied in various lengths and profiles to suit wall, floor and fencing requirements.

For walling applications, a 3 metre Hebel® PowerPanel is equivalent to around 90 bricks which makes installation faster with less mess or wastage during construction.

2400mm panels weigh around 72kg and two people can install up to 100m2 in just three days.

The unique combination of thermal resistance and thermal mass make building with Hebel® a smart choice for meeting Australia’s stringent building regulations. In fact, you can meet Australia’s stringent energy efficiency regulations without the need for added bulk insulation.

The thermal efficiency of Hebel® is due to the aerated nature of the material. The exceptional thermal insulation properties of Hebel Panels can dramatically improve your home’s energy efficiency, with Hebel Panels offering four times the thermal resistance of concrete for the same thickness.

CSR Hebel systems will also reduce the reliance on heating and cooling appliances. The combined effects of running a heater less in winter and fans or air conditioning less in summer can have a big impact on energy costs and the environment.

CSR has worked closely with acoustic experts and testing authorities to develop systems that will provide superior sound insulation of interior and exterior walls and floors.

Noise is a particular problem in modern living, for residents of detached homes and multi-residential building and for people working in commercial buildings. Hebel® protects the peace and privacy of residents and workers by turning internal and external walls and floors into effective sound barriers.

With the sound insulation of Hebel®, residents don’t have to worry about bothering other members of their household or neighbours – and they needn’t be annoyed by other people’s noise.

In the multi-residential building industry, Hebel® is seen as a leader in building materials largely due to its success in combating the problem of noise travelling between apartments.

No other product offers you such comfort whilst minimizing environmental impact.

Hebel® is the only residential cladding material to have been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia Label. Hebel offers a reduced environmental load of at least 30% over the life cycle.

The low bulk density of Hebel® AAC means that less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials are used in its production than for other masonry products. All raw materials are sourced local to minimise energy used in transport.

Compared with other building materials, Hebel® requires far less raw materials to produce the end product. Hebel uses:

  • 1/3 of the raw materials used for clay bricks;
  • 1/4 of the raw materials used for concrete

The manufacture of Hebel® uses a fraction of the energy, produces no toxic gases and creates almost no waste substances – even the steam generated is recycled!

As Hebel® PowerPanels, Powerfloor, blocks and hobbs are produced to suit standard building sizes there is minimal wastage during construction.